I’m pretty impressed. #easter


Happy Easter everyone! Sharing this again for the 4th year in a row cause I still think this is great. @ryankfollese #PeepShow


Tonight should be fun #alltimelow


I Iove the internet

Gearing up for Breathe Carolina’s ‘Savages’ Release Show at the El Rey! Shout out to our street team for helping us set up! If you’re not here yet WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? FREE show, so come down and come party. #breathecarolina #savages #fearlessrecords

#savages  #breathecarolina  #fearlessrecords  

Finally got around to buying a bag of Chia seeds to toss in my green smoothie. Seriously one of my favorite superfoods cause they’re so much fun. You can add these to yogurt, cereal, smoothies, salads, in baked goods or even tossing them in water. Anyone else use these too? #chiaseeds


It’s that time of year again! Happy Pi(e) Day! I’m tempted to break out my scientific calculator & ruler to find the circumference and area of circular objects and put a post-it on it with C= & A= with the answer. #happypiday #itsanerdthing #3point14 #canthashtagdecimals

#3point14  #happypiday  #canthashtagdecimals  #itsanerdthing  

I’m ready to buy a new turtle you guys! I might even get three balloons so it can be a flying turtle! 🐢🎈

If anyone is wondering what kale chips are or how to make them - wash kale and dry completely. cut into desired size (they shrink in the oven). Use 1 Tbs olive oil and massage into kale. bake at 300 for aprox 20mins and then they’re ready! You can add whatever after like sea salt or lemon and pepper seasoning. #kale #kalechips

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